CTE – Tools and Service

CTE is a member of the WALLRAM Group. The international Group is active in the manufacturing of forming dies (in particular, those made from carbide and ceramic) for various industries as well as grinding machines and grinding technology.

CTE is providing a qualified tool-service.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we provide solutions for companies for whom quality is of utmost importance. Through the constant cooperation with our clients, we are able to deliver the highest standard of service.


CTE is specialised in tools and service for the Metal Packaging Industry.


With long-standing experience in renew-service for the Can Industry, CTE produces the best quality for highest possible customer use.


CTE is specialised in service of high quality tools and wear parts from carbide, ceramics and tool steel.

CTE – Precision is our tradition

Our processing equipment feature innovative grinding technology; our highly-qualified employees provide high-class Tool-Service and produce custom-made components for utilization in high-speed and precision forming processes.

Our customers have benefited from our passion for engineering and production since 2002. We focus on customer satisfaction, precision, quality, and sustainability. All CTE employees are passionate about these goals.


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